2015: 2nd InaHEA ASM & congress in Jakarta

2016: 3rd InaHEA ASM in Yogyakarta

2014: 1st InaHEA ASM & congress in Bandung

2017: 4th InaHEA ASM in Surabaya

2018: 5th InaHEA ASM in Jakarta

2019: 6th InaHEA ASM in Bali

2021: 7th InaHEA BSM in Bandung

The Global Solutions Initiative is a global collaborative enterprise comprised of a network of world-renowned think tanks. It proposes policy responses to major global problems, addressed by the G20, the G7 and other global governance forces. The Global Solutions Initiative’s mission is to provide an intellectual backbone for the T20 process and thereby for the G20, pursued in the spirit of global citizenship for the recoupling of economic, social, political and environmental prosperity. The theme of the Global Solutions Summit (GSS) 2022 is “Listen to the world: Promoting social well-being within planetary boundaries”. It covers the priorities of the G20 and G7. It aims to be a steppingstone to the G/T20 and G/T7 Summits, a place where Think20 and Think7 Task Forces can discuss their work with regard to their policy briefs and where multistakeholder decision-makers can discuss collective approaches to G20 and G7 problems.

The T20 Indonesia is committed to maintain consistency in the agenda-setting to address the most challenging international problems. Thus, the T20 main activities will be spearheaded by 9 (nine) task forces. Each task force commits to curate the best solutions from the global pool of experts and researchers to address various priority issues. One of the Task Forces (TF) of T20 Indonesia is Global Health Security and COVID-19 (Task Force 6/TF-6) chaired by Hasbullah Thabrany, former Dean and Professor of Health Economics and Policy of the School of Public Health Universitas Indonesia. Currently, there are 10 (ten) Policy Areas to be the focus of TF6 T20 that attempt to cover the priorities of G20 and potential health issues that potentially strengthening health systems and various health programs, especially in developing countries (low- and middle-income countries, LMICs) to recover from COVID-19 Pandemic together and stronger.

The availability of innovative treatment is potential to improve the access of essential services medicines. The advance of medical and pharmaceutical technologies has delivered many of new innovative medicines that are much safer and more effective. However, as the costs of research and development of new innovative medicines are high, the prices of those medicines are expensive or very expensive in some developing countries or small countries due to economic scales. Therefore, many patients such as cancer or other chronic, hereditary, or congenital diseases in developing countries may suffer from lack of access of those innovative medicines.

These inequitable conditions will go for many years to come and the SDG indicators of 3.8.2 may continue to demonstrate high proportion of catastrophic out of pocket expenditures on low- and middle-income countries. Cross countries’ experience dealing with such inequity need to be addressed. Indonesia is looking for innovative financial and or other arrangements to solve inequitable access to innovative medicines nationwide. A mechanism that allows cross-sectoral responses will be necessary for responses to minimize the impact of inequitable access of innovative treatments, especially those that are required by patients of chronic diseases. Also, give greater consideration to factors such as health promotion for preventable chronic disease risks, which have a significant impact on health crisis response and need to be addressed in normal times.

On the 2022 GSS Hybrid Session, TF6 will associate a session named “Cross-Countries Equitable Access to Innovative Medicines” as one of the impactful and feasible recommendation from TF6 T20 Indonesia with regard to providing equitable access to innovative medicines in Indonesia as well as in other G20 countries and possibly beyond. This session was co-organized by Center for Health Administration and Policy Studies Universitas Indonesia (CHAMPS UI) as the Host of TF6 and Indonesian Health Economics Association (InaHEA) as the one the Co-Hosts of TF6.

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