Pre-ASM workshop will be held in 13 September 2017. We offer some themes in health economic topic that become widely use nowadays. Some themes that can be chosen by participants are:

1.    Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
According to WHO, health technology assessment (HTA) refers to the systematic evaluation of properties, effects, and/or impacts of health technology. By participate in this workshop; participants will be trained to be able to identify the social, economic, organizational and ethical issues of a health intervention or health technology.

2.    Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)

Participant will be taught about how to carry out a full multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA).  This tool is valuable to analyze complex decisions among alternatives. This tool will integrate the parts of every problem dimension to produce a meaningful solution.

3.    Efficiency Analysis of Health Service
In the era of National Health Insurance, efficiency is the key in achieving great profit. This workshop will help participant to use management tools for analyzing the efficiency source and how to optimize this efficiency source.

4.    Economic Behaviour of Health Workers
This workshop will help participants to understanding the impact of national health insurance to the work behaviour of health workers. Some tools that can be used to analyze this behaviour will be taught in this workshop.

5.    Hospital Strategic Costing in National Health Insurance Era

Considering big change that occurs due to the implementation of National Health Insurance, managers need to be refreshed about hospital financing strategy. This workshop helps managers to able to analyze the implication of National Health Insurance to the hospital financial management. Moreover this workshop will train the management to do restructuring of hospital financing and income toward the efficiency and sustainability of hospital services.

6.    Health Equity and Implementation, based on Indonesia Family Life Survey (IFLS)

This workshop will deliver how to analyze health equity by using Indonesia Family Life Survey (IFLS) dataset. Some analysis tools that will be presented in this workshop are concentration index, catastrophic payment, impoverishing expenditure, and econometric panel data analysis.

The registration of this pre annual scientific meeting is only able until August 13, 2017. Please remain that for each workshop; the committee only receive 30 participants. Soon after this quota is achieved, the registration will be closed.