Goals and Objectives

With seven plenary sessions and various side meetings, the InaHEA 2021 BSM is a must-attend event for policy-makers, academician, as well for those in the global HTA and MCDA community to inform, consider, and debate these four main topics:

  1. Economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Health policy and health system strengthening
  3. Social protection in response to COVID-19
  4. JKN in the face of COVID-19 pandemic

As the leading discussion platform, the InaHEA BSM supports and promotes the development, communication, understanding, and use of various health economics and econometrics tools in providing robust evidence in evaluating a national health policy, and enabling us to make further decision to combat COVID-19.

Furthermore, given the massive health technology development currently observed (such as medicine, medical devices, therapies, etc), the InaHEA 2021 BSM also facilitates a discussions platform for all stakeholders engaged in the efficient production and use of various health economics tools in the decision-making process on the use of effective technologies and the efficient use of resources in health care. InaHEA welcomes all stakeholders–academic researchers, HTA agencies, health care providers, payers, patients/consumers, policymakers, and industries –to join us.

BSM Highlights

  • Health Economics
  • Health Economics Modelling
  • Health Economics and Econometrics
  • Health Economics and Health Insurance
  • Health Economics and Policy
  • Health Economics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Health Economics and Financing
  • Health Economics and Health Care
  • Health Economics and Health care Markets
  • Health Economics and International Economics
  • Health Economics and Public health
  • Health Economics and Health Behaviors
  • Health Economics and Outcome Research